Monday, August 13, 2012

9 Essential Tips for New Medical Students--Do They Apply to Social Work Students, Too?

I came across an article on outlining 9 essential tips for new medical school students.  I think some of them--like don't cram, don't get down on yourself, set aside time to relax, learn about the profession, and others--can just as well apply to students in other professions, including social work.  What do you think?  What tips would you add for social work students?

You can read the article here:


  1. I think a lot of things in this article apply to social work students! However, as a current MSW student myself, I believe that if you study with the RIGHT group, you can really benefit from the different points of view and the "peer pressure" to study when you might otherwise procrastinate. Of course, if your group is just talking about TV shows, it's obviously not helping you study.

    I really like his point that you shouldn't mistake yourself for a professional while you're still in school. The vast majority of my student colleagues are very humble, but there are some folks who think they know everything already (and they're often way off base). Being humble and listening, yet also speaking up with questions and challenges is the best way to learn and grow!

  2. Thank you for commenting. I agree that study groups can be very useful for some students. There are other students whose studying/learning style is more congruent with individual study. Some "off-topic" conversation may serve as a stress reliever or serve a supportive function. As social workers, we learn about group process, so this knowledge may also help us keep on track or get back on track, if needed.